About Creative Concrete

Since 2004 Creative Concrete has built a reputation throughout central and western North Dakota as the premier place and finishing concrete company in decorative and architectural and large industrial flatwork.
We first built a name in the industry by creating unique decorative concrete projects for home and business owners. Word spread of our talent, and large capacity concrete pours came our way.
In 2014 we declared our mission to “Deliver the Highest Quality Concrete Work with the Best Customer Service.” Our team surpassed all expectations in both decorative and large industrial flatwork projects.
In 2015 we set our sights on delivering superior place and finish flatwork projects. We secured contracts and built relationships with reputable industrial companies which opened the door to large-scale projects. Our reputation is recognized by our competition and our customers alike.
Our book of names and projects contracts is both diverse and extraordinary: From stunning family-home decorative concrete to expansive 500 yard industrial pours for hydropower facilities, our market penetration offers unlimited future potential.