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About Us

About Creative Concrete

Since 2004 Creative Concrete has built a reputation throughout central and western North Dakota as the premier place and finish concrete company known for large-scale industrial flatwork, agricultural concrete, and specialty decorative work.                                                                                                                                        

Creative Concrete began as a decorative and architectural concrete business that quickly gained recognition for beautiful custom stamp and stain design work. As the company grew, larger projects came our way, our crew expanded, and in 2015 we set our sights on delivering superior place and finish flatwork projects. We secured contracts and built relationships with reputable industrial companies which opened the door to large-scale projects. Our reputation is recognized by our competition and our customers alike.     


Our book of names and portfolio of projects are both diverse and extraordinary. From stunning family-home decorative concrete to expansive 500-yard industrial pours, Creative Concrete repeatedly shows our capacity for growth, quality, and innovation.

North Dakota's premier concrete company
owner ceo creative concrete

About the Owner

Devin Hunter began Creative Concrete as an architectural and decorative concrete business. He quickly revolutionized the decorative market in Minot by transforming backyards, neighborhoods, and communities with stunning patios, one-of-a-kind driveways, and custom stamp and stain designs. 


As time progressed, Devin pushed Creative Concrete to take on larger projects, hiring additional workers to meet his growing demand for larger, more involved projects. Devin searched the country for highly-skilled concrete professionals that would expand Creative Concrete’s capabilities and expertise. His high standards for quality have awarded him a reputation of reliability and professionalism in the Minot area for over 17 years.                                                                                

Devin is now focused on innovation in a new aspect of commercial and residential construction – project documentation and office to job site communication. He is using technology to shorten the gap between problems, solutions, and experts in construction while developing methodologies that directly benefit Creative Concrete clients.

Our Partners

Korbis LLC – Korbis is a team of Process Consultants using communications technology and virtual teams to increase efficiency and speed in concrete construction and more.


Learn more about Korbis at www.korbisconsulting.com.


O: (701) 720-8378


1924 Valley St, Minot, ND 58701